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A Clan That Slays Together
Stays Together

Hello from all of us at Create Fantasy Globes. We love world globes and maps and the art behind them and the community and we wanted to push what is possible to create some of the most immersive experiences with our fully custom globes that are perfect around your table or in your dungeon lair. We are working with a number of the leading Digital Cartographers across the globe to offer you an extensive globe selection as well as customisable options never seen before in Globe production.

CFG is part of the Limelight Miniatures family, a production and miniature design house from the UK.

Any suggestions/ views/ opinions or feedback we would love to hear. Please contact us via the form and we will get back to you very soon.

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You retain ALL rights for your artwork and design. We will not re-sell, share or distribute any of your work.



Alongside building up our curation of designers for people to purchase from and adding assets including custom bases we are also planning a Kickstarter which will involve us producing an application where you, the user can upload your 2d map to see exactly how it will look and adjust elements in real time before ordering.


Any support in this early stage will help progress to that point as fast as possible for a seamless and fully customisable experience.


Whether you are looking to print at home or purchase a physical print, we offer extra customisable elements to add to your globe and painted finish options from professional painters

You can purchase smaller environmental elements like mountain lines, tree ranges and buildings that all fit perfectly on the surface of our globes.


The globes are extremely fun to paint and we offer free-priming options as well as a fully painted version for those looking for us to finish it off in advance. For painted; fixed pricing if choosing a globe from one of our designers or custom price for your own artwork. Just checkout on either products and choose the option.